AboutAnita Devi

Anita Devi is an international Yoga and Tantra teacher sharing in English and Spanish in festivals, retreats, workshops and private sessions. She is also an experienced Moon Mother guiding Women Circles and a facilitator and trainer in Aquatic Therapy.

With love and devotion to Women and the Sacred Feminine she created a special Yoga practice “Shakti Yoga” and Woman Tantra workshops about self love, self understanding and sexuality. She also coaches women in healing and empowerment processes.

Anita organices and facilitates Yoga and Tantra events and co-creates Women Retreats around the world.

She left home as soon as she turned 18 in search of freedom and truth in the mystery of Life.

Guided by her sensitivity and empathy she graduates in the University of Social Education to put her love and energy in service of change and evolution. She finalices her Gender Equality and international Cooperation degree by working with an indigenous tribe in the Argentinian Andes, South America. This experience touches her so deeply that she decides to stay in Latin America discovering a new spirituality and learning the ancient wisdom of Sacred Femininity with indigenous woman.

Then Yoga and Meditation came to her journey and Anita fell in love with it, becoming her personal path and starting to share it in her work with women and groups. She continued learning and traveling while creating and facilitating workshops. She worked with Women through NGO´s and international cooperation projects in more than twelve different Latin American countries during seven years.

Her passion for Yoga and Tantra as personal and collective paths of awakening make her to leave Latin America grateful and travel to India where she was embraced by its mysticism. She felt home. She was fascinated by Indian ancient wisdom and spirituality; Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda. She surrender to it changing her life staying the last seven years betwen Asia and Europe totally dedicated to Yoga and Tantra flowing in creating, teaching, training and constantly evolving.

She is enthusiastic of living in this time of planetary change towards balance and unity, in which feminine energy, mother earth and women are loved, honored and celebrated regaining their space and power.

Anita feels a full expansion of Love and Consciousness. Her heart is here for the awakening of human beings to their essence. Presence.Love.

She deepened her experience and studies as Yoga and Tantra teacher in some of the best traditional schools in the world such as Sivananda, Bihar and Agama as well as the Kashmiri Shaivism and the Baul tantric mysticism of Bengal. Combining this wisdom with her passion with Contemporary Tantra trough assisting the best teachers from Osho’s lineage, from whom she receives her spiritual name Ma Anita Devi.

Anita is a certified Moon Mother by Miranda Gray, medicine woman and best-seller writter (Red Moon) and is also initiated in Taoist Sexual Arts for women. She is trained as Ayurveda Therapist and Masseur by Ayuskama Institute, Dr.Vinod Kumar, India. She loves water and she is an experienced facilitator and trainer of Aquatic Therapy certified by Aguahara and Janzu techniqs. And a lover and practitioner of Buddisht Tantra and Vipassana Meditation.

She feels profound love and gratitude for all gurus, masters and teachers in her life. Specially to Osho and Astiko Ji.