I'm Anita Devi and I'm here to walk you through the awakening of your feminine essence. Open your heart, feel free and full of life!

Do you long to live relaxed and open to pleasure? 

Would you like to feel creative and powerful?

My own life experience as a woman and my years as a social educator in international cooperation projects, showed me the reality of women around the world and inspired me to create spaces for women to connect and heal.

Even today, with more than 15 years of training and experience, I am still touched to see the transformation of women and their lives through Tantra, including my own. That is why I have created the Tantrika School for us. 

If you want to be a free woman and live a life of love...

You've come home. 

Welcome to Tantra.

You decide how we can START this journey together

Online Courses

I present you my Online Courses program so that you can start on the Tantra path from home and at your own pace. 

Estos Cursos son para ti y puedes hacer uno o todos y hacerlos en el orden o al ritmo que quieras. Cada uno te abrirá un mundo de autodescubrimiento y sanación único. Te recomiendo empezar por despertar a tu naturaleza cíclica y tu sexualidad cíclica, puedes también abrir tu corazón y sanar las heridas del pasado para amarte más y poder amar, o expandir tu capacidad de sentir placer y vivir tu naturaleza orgásmica. Es tu propio proceso de sanación y empoderamiento femenino. Disfrútalo! Ahora MUJER CICLICA esta abierto para ti. Únete! Si, Quiero más Info!


The Online Tantra Training for Women is designed to fit your life and your purpose. It is a personal and professional Tantra Training CREATED FOR YOU with all my love.

Basic Training

This process will last a year in which you will complete the first three online modules as part of a community of women like you and with my personal guidance. 


After this personal and collective process of healing and female empowerment that will transform you deeply, you will be ready to support other women to wake up and transform their lives like you, being their Tantrika Coach. If this is your purpose here you will receive your TANTRA COACH certificate. 

Advanced Training

If you want to continue to deepen your personal process or if you want to become a Tantra facilitator and organize your own women's circles, classes, courses or face-to-face group retreats, we will continue together in the Advanced Training. 


This process will last a year in which you will carry out these three online modules as part of a community of women and with my personalised guidance. As a Social Educator, I will offer you my wisdom and experience in accompanying group processes and the pedagogical and logistic tools. You will learn everything you need to create that safe, free and loving space where other women can awaken, free themselves and regain their space and power from the heart. Love themselves and transform their lives. 

The Training ends with a face-to-face retreat where you will live the beginning of your life purpose by facilitating Tantra. We will celebrate the end of the Training and you will receive your certificate as a TANTRA FACILITATOR FOR WOMEN. And you can become part of the TANTRIKA SCHOOL team. 

Would you like me to send you all the detailed information about the "Tantrika" Online Training and personally answer your doubts and questions? Contact me!


Would you like me to walk with you through your personal process?
Welcome to my Online Coaching Sessions!

  • I want to feel free.
  • I want to increase my self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • I want to heal past traumas.
  • I want to feel full of life and energy.
  • I want to connect with the wisdom and power of my menstrual cycle.
  • I want to heal period pain and PMS.
  • I want to heal my uterus and my genitals.
  • I want to learn daily self-care for my female body.
  • I want to live my emotions
  • I want to overcome sexual blockages.
  • I want to live out my full sensual and sexual potential.
  • I want to feel pleasure and expand my orgasmic capacity.
  • I want to have healthy, conscious relationships.
  • I want to free my heart from past relationships and avoid repeating patterns.
  • I want to learn how to communicate my truth and set boundaries.
  • I want to open my heart and to love without losing myself.

If you can identify with one or more of these statements, the Online Coaching process is perfect for you.

Would you like to learn more about my Online Coaching sessions? Yes! I want more info


Would you like to join my next "Tantrika" Tantra for Women Retreat?



Welcome to this Women-only Tantra Retreat where you can awaken to your feminine essence. Discover your Cyclical Woman and your Cyclical Sexuality. Begin your process of Self-Love, Healing and Feminine Empowerment. And connect with the power of your heart, your womb and your pleasure. Last spots available! More Info



Feels a big YES inside her heart.

Listens to her own truth and respects herself

Accepts herself just as she is
and doesn't go against herself.
Knows her cyclical nature
and accompanies it with love.
Discovers herself a woman every day.

Is brave and not afraid of life.
Forgives herself and others.
Embraces her light as well as her darkness.
Plays with her inner child.

Flows in life with grace and confidence.
Enjoys experiencing herself fully.
Doesn't need to define herself.
Jumps into the unknown.

Loves her own body.

Protects her temple.

Honors her animal and divine nature.
Celebrates her inner feminine and masculine.
Lives a conscious sexuality.
Inhabits her orgasmic nature.

Heals her wounds.
Breathes into her pain.
And expands in compassion.

Makes her life a meditation.

Laughs for no reason
and becomes her smile.