“Tantra is not a technique, but a prayer.
It's not head oriented
but a relaxation into the heart."

- Osho -

It is an awakening by bringing awareness to what you really are and to existence itself, in fact, tantra accepts everything as it is, everything is perfect, you are perfect as you are, there is nothing to learn or do, there is no objective or target, you cannot go wrong... You are what you are, that which was and will be here always, that cannot be touched or modified by anything... infinite, eternal...

You are consciousness experiencing itself.


This is the discovery that changed my life!

The word Tantra comes from the Sanskrit language and is the combination of two words, tanoti and trayati, which mean expansion and liberation. It is the science of expanding Consciousness (Shiva) and releasing Energy (Shakti).

The true origins of Tantra date back more than 8,000 years ago in the ancient Indostan Valley, although the first records are found in India more than 5000 years ago.

Tantra is an inclusive mystical path where everything is embraced and integrated. The human being is recognized integrally with everything that is, from its mammalian nature to its divine essence, nothing is judged, repressed or forbidden because in everything you can meditate, any expression of life that happens can be given space to and contemplated from the presence.

More than learning, it's about unlearning everything you've believed you are and that life is, stop identifying with your body, your mind, your emotions, your culture, your character. It is a leap into emptiness. And the gift is indescribable.

It is giving you the permission and the opportunity to meet yourself, with your truth, and learn to be with it, in love and acceptance, whatever it may be, and celebrate life!

In the ¨Vigjana Bhairava Tantra¨ ancient tantric text compiled by Gorakhnat, there are 112 different meditations to enter into a state of presence, to be totally here and now, from breathing or walking to dancing, eating or making love. Everything can be touched by this intimate encounter with yourself where you realize who you are, the one who always remains there while everything else happens.

Tantra is one of the few spiritual currents in history that has investigated the human being in its totality, and therefore, also its sexuality, today it is related to sexual practices, but this is not its essence, its essence is the Self-realization of being, it is a path of self-discovery.

Tantra is the path that goes from passion to compassion, which unites sex with the heart.

But Tantra neither rejects nor praises sexuality, it simply embraces it as to any other expression of the human being.

Giving space and bringing awareness to sexuality is enriching for the human being at all levels.


Precisely because our sexual energy has been denied and repressed and we have been disconnected from our essence and our power, it is important to return to it and connect it with the heart and soul, this is the transformation that Tantra offers you. It invites you to live your sexuality and your relationships from a more intimate and authentic space, and of course much more ecstatic.

The tantric intimate encounter is lived as a sacred event where we are in presence and love, relaxed, together we observe how the energy moves and we flow with it, letting it grow, rise and expand through us. Where consciousness goes (Shiva), energy goes (Shakti) and the divine dance happens.

Tantra is the love revolution.

Tantra is the art of traveling from the blessing of the body, which is the physical orgasm, to the ecstasy of the spirit, which is the expansion of consciousness.

Sexual energy is creative energy, we are all here thanks to it but when it is not oriented to create life or to let it go in an explosive orgasm, we can expand it in our body and feel how it revitalizes us, it heals us, it opens our heart or connects us with the divine, merging with the whole in a state of loving presence.


It is very enjoyable to bathe in her soothing voice, so feminine, and grounding at the same time. With her, i feel it’s always an invitation to remember the playfulness of life, staying rooted even if the currents are strong, and allowing to Be open to the present with trust that spontaneity can awaken exactly what is appropriate. In Offering a safe space to explore... how we can meet one another, while transcending the fear of the unknown, she welcomes everyone into true intimacy ; with the very essence of existence. Meeting Anita surely wasn’t just attending a course, but recognizing a heart sister. „

Ona, Switzeland.

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