Water Therapy is a healing experience where massage, streching, breath, dance and meditation are combined in a session where you give yourself the pleasure to do nothing and recieve the water healing benefits.

The session can happen in the sea, lake, river or pool. Every session is unique as you are unique so the time in the water will be according to you.

You just relax and breath slow and deep, closing your eyes, letting your body float in the water and rest betwen my arms, flowing thought the movements and sensations, releasing blockages and tensions, enjoying a non mind state, loosing the sense of space and time, trusting and letting go the control, coming back to the stillness and to the silence, opening your heart, connecting with your essence. Conciousness. Love.

We are water and humans love water since ancient times.

There are many countries today where the water worship is still alive.
Water is sacred, it's the principle of live.

Today water healing properties are known, recognized and used in health institutions all over the world. Inside water we loose gravity and this is an incredible relaxation to our bones, joints and muscles. In warm water the relaxation and pain release is even more for the body fibers and tissues. The hidratation and regeneration of cells and organs is another gift cause water purifies our body external and internally. The water element connects us also with our emotional field, with the universal femenine energies and our femenine side, emotional release can happen followed by the sensation of liberation and inner peace. The healing of past traumas and fears related with water and birth is another possibility that the therapy offers.

But this is not all, there are more special benefits. In our memory remains the experience to grow during the first nine months of our lifes in a liquid environment inside the mothers womb. In the womb we are pure presence, pure love, we are floating in the simbiotic union with our mother and existence, there is no mind and no ego, no sense of separation or lonelines, there we are one with the all. Water bring us back to that estate of pure conciousness and love, body relaxes, breathe flows, mind noise and activity stops, heart opens, and then we are in meditation. We are meditation.

The water therapy training as well as the underwater sessions with Annita Devi leads you to a deep freedom at all levels. Her energy, technical knowledge, sensibility and listening skills are the best combination to live an unique experience which brought me some of the best moments of happiness in my life.

esther, españa

Meeting Anita in the flow & the element of Water, immersing Into the living field of her heArt... it comes with many teachings... which in my life, still continue to be a blessing.

ona, switzeland

Anita graced my life with her presence when I enrolled in an Aqua Therapy course that she was facilitating in Koh Phangan, Thailand. She began each morning by gently guiding us in meditation. She has a real talent for guiding people to a place of peace and serenity through her soothing voice and present moment awareness.

katie mae, usa

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