I wish you...

To become your first beloved... You, the love of your life! Enjoying, taking care of yourself and giving you all the love you deserve, smiling, shining, transforming the standing point from wich you are creating your life and relating with others.

Living in your heart and your power, experiencing the relaxation of leting go any search or need cause you realize everything is inside you, you are fullfiled of yourself, you are complete, you are love.

Free! Enlighted! trascending this body, mind and ego identification and enjoying life as pure awarness and love.

I would love to share with you...

A deep connection with the essence of being a woman wich will stay with you to create and manifest the life you are dreaming with, from your heart, your true, your joy and your intuition.

A new relation with your body as a temple of love and pleasure, with your ciclyc phases and your menstruation, with your womb, breist and yoni, with your emotions, your sensuality and your orgasmic nature!

The healing to enjoy your sexuality fully, first within yourself as a sensitive and erotic being! and from there to share sexuality with others feeling safe, free, relaxed and ecstatic!

A different understanding about intimacy and sexuality as a relaxation into the heart and expansion of conciousness. A sacred event. Connecting your sex with your heart and your soul. Living the experience of being one with totality. Oneness.

The choosing of taking your life responsability and start to empower you and evolve. A true state of love and no fear, openess, receptivity, playfullness, happyness.

Shakti Yoga

2 hour yoga class

Shakti Yoga is a Yoga practice meant for women focused on the awakening of consciousness and energy. It opens and unlocks the body and its energetic channels for energetic sublimation, balance and harmony. It’s a loving care method that brings love and healing to all levels of self through an inner journey connecting with the feminine essence.

Shakti Yoga combines asanas ( postures ), pranayamas ( breathwork ) , and relaxation with specific woman practices and meditations from Tantra and Taoism as energetic sublimation techniqs, pelvic floor exercises, breast and womb massage, Svadhisthana (Sacral-womb) Chakra activation, sound and music meditation, visualization, dance, etc.

Moon Mandala Workshop

Online Course

Moon Mándala workshop is a Tantra Workshop for women who are longing to understand better the female cyclic nature and all the states that we experiment changing constantly: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and sexual. Moon Mándala is traveling years around Europe and LatinAmerica being a life changingexperience for a lot of women.

The Moon Mandala is a woman tool for self knowledge, healing and empowerment. As women we are cyclic like the moon and life itself, to remember, understand and manage our cyclic nature is the first step of falling in love with ourselves and starting to create the life we dream.

Learning how to live our life accepting how we are instead of going against us its an amazing beginning to embody the shakti that we are and the life we deserve.

The Moon Mandala represents your menstrual cycle, it is a daily practice using art and meditation to observe your physical, mental, emotional and energetic states by themselves and in relation with your sexuality and the moon. It is a creative and fun way for self enquiry by fulfilling with words and colors a sacred geometry tool. Used for a while she will show you an holistic personal pattern and will anchor a deep connection with your feminine nature, the goddesses that you embody in each phase of your menstrual cycle, your different sexual energies and manifestations, and the best ways to flow with yourself in your life, empowering and liberating you.

Are you ready to be a "Free Woman" loving and enjoying your feminine cycle?
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Free Woman Workshop

Weekend Intensive

Do you feel the need to reconnect with yourself as a woman and live your life in a more enjoyable way? Are you feeling to go deeper into your women body and sensitivity? This intensive course is a gift to remember your sensual femenine essence and live your life with all the joy and pleasure you deserve and you are as woman. Your nature is extasis.

Day will start with a Shakti Yoga practise that will open and relax our bodies and connect ourselfs with our inner goddes, Shakti. After we will enjoy a delicious brunch and time to chill together as we love. Noon workshops we´ll open a space to you to experience yourself and embody your sensuality and power in a free safe loving sisterhood. We will enjoy practises and meditations from Tantra and Taoism, care and beauty rituals, breist and womb massage, sacred circular dances, a Womb Blessing healing ceremonie and some surprises...Remember that all of you are unic and special to me so each Women Tantra Weekend is different cause i flow with the energy, longings and needs of the group. We will finish in the evening before dinner but i will stay available to you longer both days.

Do you want to know about my next "Free Woman" Tantra Workshops or hire me to organize one in your city? Contact me by email info@tantrawithanita.com

Free Woman Retreats

1 Week Retreat

Women retreats are an amazing life change experience for a lot of women cause in a week we can really go deeper into the femenine essence, the heart, the womb and our inner and collective healing. I love this new women rising together holding each other with love and respect. So im enjoying to cocretate retrats with other great teachers and soul sisters around the world. I love to share with you this transformational journey in a safe loving sisterhood.

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After attending the Moon Mandala Workshop, a Women Tantra Workshop she facilitated in Koh Phangan, Thailand, i was consistently impressed with her knowledge and heart. I can highly recommend Anita without reservation for any type of embodiment or meditation practices, and for bringing groups of people together for a shared higher purpose. Her loving presence is a true gift to this world.

katie mae usa

You just see her and you know she is special, but to feel her pure heart going closer to yours is a life chanching experience. Thank you for this Woman Coaching Session! I´m so grateful for all your sharings and the new ways you open to me. You are an angel, such a beautiful energy.

blanca, españa

I met Anita at this beautiful Moon Mandala workshop few weeks ago. That was an amazing loving experience... Anita is like an angel sharing love knowledge and feminity. And i finally started my Moon Mandala few days ago. I can't believe how the mood and body is so much related to these femenine archetypes... It is so precise unbelievable! Thanks for sharing your beautiful energy and this life changing tool ❤

virginie, germany