The word Yoga means "Unity" or "Oneness"
The union of the individual consciousness with the universal consciousness.
It is an ancient science born in India, that nowadays is practiced all over the world.

The Yoga science begins with the outermost aspect of the personality, the physical body, for most people the practical starting point and the main interest, and it is very important for human beings to be healthy and feeling alive. But Yoga is much more than this and you are here to receive all the gifts of it if you wish. From the physical body, Yoga moves into the energetic, emotional and mental levels.

Though practice, awareness arises into all of these areas and then leads you to an understanding of the more subtle areas and the experience of union with the divine consciousness itself.

Yoga is my passion! I have more than ten years experience in teaching and practising Yoga and my yogic path brought me to study different styles deeply like Hatha Yoga, Hatha Vinyasa and Tantra Yoga, and also studying Iyengar and Ashtanga Yoga, due to my previous years working as a Pilates teacher. Im really grateful to all my Yoga teachers and the Yoga teaching itself.

My yoga classes are a holistic combination of all my acquired knowledge. Always going deeper and falling more in love with it.
Now i'm practicing and teaching Hatha Yoga. And from my love to it i created two special Yoga practises, Tantra Yoga and Shakti Yoga.

An experience trought your physical, energetic, emotional, mental and cosmic being.

The class starts with a guided meditation into the yogic breathe and the chakra system (seven energetic wheels in the human being) wich will be your base for the performance of the physical practise, the asanas.

The asana part (postures and series) will combine a good dosis of active aware movement with the stillness in some selected asanas.

During this we will focus in the breathe, in the perfect alighment of the physical body to get the benefits for the whole bodily functions and in the concentration of the mind into the energetic body (chakras). We´ll connect with the elements, the subtle energies of life and with the dance of our inner femenine and masculine energies.

We´ll experience the awakening, flow and sublimation of energy inside us and the arising of the conciousness. At the end, we´ll practise pranayama (breathwork) and a deep relaxation that will integrate all the benefits of the practise. Creating balance and harmony for the whole being. Inner peace, love.

I love yoga and this is the gift that i would love to share with you!

Shakti Yoga is a Yoga practice meant for women, focusing on the awakening of consciousness and energy.

It opens and unlocks the body and its energetic channels for energetic sublimation, balance and harmony. It’s a loving care method that nourishes the female body and brings love and healing to all levels of self, through an inner journey connecting with the feminine essence.

Shakti Yoga combines asanas ( postures ), pranayamas ( breathwork ) , and relaxation with specific woman practices and meditations from Tantra and Taoism as energetic sublimation techniqs, pelvic floor exercises, breast and womb massage, Svadhisthana (Sacral-womb) Chakra activation, sound and music meditation, visualization, dance, etc.


"Anita Devi is a powerful guide towards the deep connection of your soul, thought her Yoga classes and Tantra lessons. Such a deep Yoga practise! In particular, her meditation leads you to the oneness and the connection to the universe."

esther, españa

My body all the time felt not right during the Sun Salutation. Today, thanks to an amazing woman, Anita Devi, I tried the Moon Salutation. What a pleasure! Seems like all the time I was saluting not right one 🙂 I loved this Yoga Class! Thank you my lovely body! Thank You Anita & Universe!