It' s a beautiful thing when two human beings choose each other to learn what love is. And we must cherish it. It is one of the most fascinating spiritual journeys, because in the presence of the other, the ego surrenders and one learns how to truly love.

When there is love, a safe and relaxed space is created where both hearts can open fully, where past fears and wounds can be healed. And there is no greater ecstasy than living with an open heart and feeling loved unconditionally.

Many couples, faced with the passing of time and the unstoppable rhythm of daily routine, end up disconnecting and love stops vibrating in them. They become a good team and forget to protect that magic that made them vibrate, that knowing look, that intimacy that united them so deeply. They forget to take care of their sexuality.

Tantra is ideal for all those couples who want to live their relationship in love and authenticity, in deep intimacy and connection. Who yearn to live their sexuality beyond the conventional, connected to the heart and the spirit.

Can you imagine experiencing love and sex fully at all times?

Can you imagine a sexuality in which presence and relaxation are the most important things?

Can you imagine feeling full of energy after making love?

Can you imagine a sexuality free of mind, goals, pressure, expectations or habits?

All this and much more than you ever imagined, is within your reach through Tantra. For more than 10 years I have guided hundreds of couples like yours to transform their sexuality and improve their relationship. You can start from home with my Online Coaching sessions or come to a Couple's Tantra Retreat. It will be a pleasure to walk with you.

I have a gift for you.


If you can identify with one or more of these statements, then the Online Coaching process is perfect for you. I will create a personalized program suited to your daily life, relationship, desires and needs.

  • We want to reconnect.
  • We want to create more and better intimacy.
  • We want to take our sexuality to the next level.
  • We want to open up to new experiences and not get stuck.
  • We want to rekindle the passion and attraction between us.
  • We want to experience Tantric Sexuality.
  • We want to live a loving, energetic and nourishing sexuality.
  • We want to know how to communicate and share our truth.
  • We want to learn how to resolve conflicts.
  • We want to feel like partners, not enemies.
  • We want to spend more quality time with each other.
  • We want to rescue our relationship from the passage of time and routine.
  • We want to love our partners without losing ourselves.

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